Registration Process

The following steps take place from signing the Agreement of Sale until registration.

Kindly note that this process takes approximately 60 – 90 days to complete.

  • Application for bond by Purchaser / Bond Originator. 
  • Contacting of Seller & Purchaser by Attorney.
  • Deed Search by Attorney. 
  • Requesting Cancellation Figures and a copy of the Title Deed from the Bond Holder / original Title Deed from the Seller.
  • Requesting Clearance Figures from the Municipality / Body Corporate / Home Owners Association. 
  • Receive AIP / Final Grant from Purchaser / Bond Originator & Purchaser to pay deposit (if any). 
  • Receive bond details from Bond Attorney. 
  • Receive Cancellation Figures and a copy of the Title Deed from Cancellation Attorney. 
  • Request Seller to arrange electrical compliance and gas certificate.
  • Draft Transfer documents. 
  • Send guarantee requirements and draft Deed to Bond Attorney.
  • Seller & Purchaser to sign at Attorney & pay costs.
  • Pay cancellation costs to Cancellation Attorney, Clearance Figures at Municipality / Body Corporate & Transfer Duty (SARS). 
  • Receive Electricity Compliance Certificate from Seller (responsibility of Seller). 
  • Receive guarantees from Bond Attorney and forward same to Cancellation Attorney. 
  • Receive Clearance Certificate & Transfer Duty Receipt or exemption. 
  • Arrange Lodgment between Transfer, Cancellation & Bond Attorney. 
  • Lodge at Deeds Office.
  • Preparation (1 working day before registration). 
  • Inform Seller & Purchaser of registration (8-10 working days after lodgment). 
  • Inform Municipality / Body Corporate / Home Owners Association of registration. 
  • Attorney makes Payments on receipt of guarantee payments (usually day after registration). 
  • Send final statement of account to Seller & Purchaser. 
  • +/- 2 months after registration, receive delivery from Deeds Office & deliver new Title Deed to Bank / Client.