1. May I list my property on your website and also use an agent to market my property?
    1. Yes, you may list on agentsforbidden and also use an agent to market your property, provided that you inform the agent that you are also marketing the property privately.
  2. If I don’t have an agent I must do all the work myself?
    1. Agents normally bring potential buyers to your property, but now buyers will contact you and you will make an appointment to show them the property yourself. 90% of the time you would have been at home in any case, so not more workload.
    2. Agents will get the buyer to make a binding offer by having them sign the contract, and then the agent must contact you to sign the contract. In this case you will download the contract from the website, fill it in, and arrange an appointment where you both sign. You can also sign, and have the contract dropped off at the BUYER for signature, and collect later. Very little extra workload.
    3. Agents can assist you with an attorney. This website will do the same.
    4. Agents can assist you with a bond originator. This website will do the same.
    5. Agents will assist you with an Electrician and Gas expert for an electrical and gas certificate. This website will do the same.
    6. Agents will claim that they will get the clearance certificate from the city council and the body corporate/home owners association. This is the job of the attorney, and the attorneys on our panel will assist with this.
  3. What about the contract, I know nothing about contracts and signatures?
    1. This website has approved attorneys, and a contract drawn up by our attorneys is available for download by the SELLER.
    2. The contract is clearly marked and easy to understand.
    3. An attorney hotline will be available if you have question on the contract.
    4. You can arrange for an appointment with the attorney if you require assistance.
  4. What happens after the contract is signed?
    1. You send the contract to the attorney (can be a scanned copy)
    2. Attorney will do the rest (see attorney page for more information)
  5. What happens if something goes wrong during the process, eg BUYER defaults and cancels the offer?
    1. The contract covers such events. The SELLER appoints the attorney, and it is therefore important to use the website approved attorneys, to avoid the possibility of BUYER privileged attorneys, however attorneys have a code of conduct that they adhere to. The website appointed attorney will then take charge of the situations, and as stipulated in the contract the party in default will be accountable for the cost.
  6. Who appoints the attorney?
    1. The SELLER appoints the attorney
  7. What’s the catch, why for FREE?
    1. It is FREE for NOW, but eventually when the website is well known, a nominal fee will be charged to advertise the property. Advertise now, you have nothing to loose, and lots to gain.