Boosting your property on FACEBOOK

Currently SA is hitting an all-time low in the property market. Selling property has become very difficult. For that reason one must do something different to attract a seller.

There are some factors that will help you to sell

  • Price: If your price is right, it will sell.
    • You have already listed with Agentsforbidden, and therefore you pay ZERO % commission.
    • ZERO % commission means you and the buyer can negotiate price and still get the same in your pocket as when you used an agent.
    • A better price means selling faster.
  • Visibility of your property.
    • The more hits you get directly on your property listing, the higher the chance of a sale.
    • Visits by potential clients on your listing, is almost equal to a visit to your house, a potential buyer will screen the photo’s to see if it is what he is looking for, then check the price to see if he can afford, and then make contact.

Agentsforbidden is currently busy with an intensive FACEBOOK marketing campaign, and part of that is to BOOST properties on FACEBOOK to get more direct hits to the website, but even more important to get direct hits onto specific properties.

We ran some tests with amazing results. Before we discuss the results, we would like to explain what we do:

  1. We post your property on the Agentsforbidden FACEBOOK page.
  2. We create a direct link from the photo of your property on FACEBOOK to your property page on the website.
  3. We then intensively advertise the FACEBOOK page to reach maximum people in the category of potential home owners/buyers.
  4. Once the potential buyer sees the FACEBOOK add, they see the photo of the property and if they are interested they click on the photo.
  5. The link takes them directly to the website, not to the homepage but directly to your property page where the property description and photos are listed. This buyer is now in your house.

We found that the buyers are selective, some more popular properties get more hits. This confirms that the customers do not just click on any property to see what it is all about, they are actually interested in that specific property.

Now for the results: See the table below for some results, and the presentation for actual copies of the results.