About Us

Agentsforbidden is a website where SELLERS and BUYERS are linked, without agents. The purpose of agentsforbidden is to give a property SELLER the opportunity to advertise his/her property to potential BUYERS. The advantage is that no agents’ commission is paid, and the opportunity arises for the SELLER to get a better price in his/her pocket, but also for the BUYER to buy at a better price. In other words, the 7% agents commission will now become a negotiation margin between the BUYER and the SELLER. With a lower selling price you also stand a chance of a quicker sale.

Advantage for the SELLER:

  1. Save on Agents commission
  2. In control of visits by potential BUYERS
  3. Can pre-screen BUYERS by asking a few simple questions, and determine serious BUYERS
  4. Can showcase his own property

Advantage for the BUYER:

  1. Can screen properties that he is interested in.
  2. No unnecessary property visits forced by an agent just to get a sale.
  3. Possibility of a better deal (Seller might reduce price due to 0% agents commission)
  4. The ability to contact the SELLER directly, and make him a verbal non binding offer, and in the process get to common ground where both agree on the price, before a formal offer is made.